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As an integrated architecture, engineering, and construction firm, Marx|Okubo is naturally drawn to complex mixed-use spaces. Most common in urban environments, mixed-use is a zoning type that may blend residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, industrial, recreational, or entertainment components. Even in suburban areas, many have a “village” feel, bringing together various spaces in a cohesive way for modern living.

Our approach to mixed-use work is never a standard set of services because ideas, requirements, and parties involved vary so significantly in this type of work. Our technical teams bring together the best subject matter experts for each highly individual mixed-use project we touch nationwide. And because we’re used to looking at all of our projects through a systemic, holistic lens, the intricacies of mixed-use developments suit us well.

We regularly consult on a wide range of services such as property condition assessments on repurposed, aging, and new construction mixed-use centers; sustainability or accessibility evaluations for compliance; and parking and amenities integration.

Key mixed-use development services:

  • Integrated property condition assessment
  • Owner’s representation
  • Project management
  • Accessibility/ADA compliance review
  • Sustainability, resiliency, and seismic studies
  • Fire/life safety
  • User flow/experience analysis

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