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Whether it’s the age of the building, poor maintenance, or faulty construction, the reasons for failure are not always obvious, especially by the time a failure manifests itself. With our persistent and comprehensive approach to building projects, Marx|Okubo is dedicated to discovering—and solving—the underlying issues.

Marx|Okubo fully comprehends how buildings are constructed and how failure occurs in different building systems. By persistently investigating the underlying causes of failure and researching materials and corrective construction methods, we help clients get to the root cause, complex issues, and domino effects involved in approaching repair and reconstruction.

Getting to—and solving—the root cause.

Once we have defined the cause, we methodically evaluate the extent of the damage to get comprehensive data, do invasive testing and develop a repair plan, and prepare accurate repair drawings for the specific areas.

Our integrated teams of experienced AEC professionals also manage the bid process, prepare contractual bid manuals and consult on preventive fixes such as accessibility upgrades, structural retrofits, waterproofing projects, and other capital efforts.

With Marx|Okubo involved, the approach to repair and reconstruction is based on our in-depth technical knowledge of different building types and thorough research/investigation. As a result, our preparation of corrective drawings and specifications is simply at a higher standard—as it’s focused, detailed, and uniquely thorough. And with a higher level of corrective drawings, we can reduce/eliminate any chance of the problem manifesting further in any way.

Key repair | reconstruction services:

  • Detailed condition assessments
  • Investigative and destructive testing
  • Preparation of corrective drawings and specifications: monitoring of repair process during construction
  • Discussions with property maintenance and engineering staff
  • Research for viable and cost-effective solutions
  • Preparation of contracts and bid documents