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As a trusted national AEC consulting firm, Marx|Okubo works with real estate owners, investors and lenders—at every point of the property lifecycle—to evaluate their building projects, solve complex challenges and implement tailored solutions.

Leveraging broad technical expertise with deep local insight in architecture, engineering and construction, our knowledgeable regional project teams help clients understand their projects’ complexities and liabilities, so they can make more informed decisions and, ultimately, mitigate their risk. Consider our consultancy documented assurance that you are confidently making the most informed property-related investment decisions possible.

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Understanding impacts of the Access Code Collaborative (ACC)

April 6th, 2018

Marx|Okubo Senior Associate Soojin Hur has been selected as one of the charter members of the Access Code Collaborative (ACC), a diverse stakeholder group representing building/facility owners, so ...

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Design trends for an aging population

February 16th, 2018

Our population is aging: According to United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the number of people 60 and over made up just 17 percent of the North American ...

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Hurricane help — recovery and rebuilding

September 8th, 2017

Recognizing heightened needs, Marx|Okubo has assembled engineering and architectural teams from our professional staff that will be sent to Houston and Florida to assist clients in evaluating the status of ...

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