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Greater perspective for better decisions.

The firm began in 1982 with a simple mission: Use pragmatic construction expertise to solve problems in a troubled real estate market. From its beginnings as a small, locally focused organization, our firm has transformed into a national architectural, engineering and construction consultancy with offices coast to coast.

Acting as an impartial affiliate to keep everyone accountable, Marx|Okubo brings together two key components—broad practical expertise and local market awareness.

Openly and collaboratively, we provide greater perspective, integrate with existing project teams, synthesize critical information and deliver what our clients need to make intelligent decisions.

As environments and rules have changed, Marx|Okubo has also adapted and evolved. Building on the collective power of integrity and excellence, we have strategically broadened our team, capabilities and geographical areas to serve the commercial development, financial services and construction industries.

Today our firm provides comprehensive architectural and engineering consulting services to a diverse and growing clientele worldwide.

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