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Marx|Okubo acts as an owner’s advocate to ensure that your projects are properly scoped, scaled, and completed on schedule and budget while minimizing project execution risk to meet investment objectives. Working across all property types, we provide you with the support and insight you need for successful outcomes.

With a national platform and skilled staff, Marx|Okubo scales and scopes owner’s representative services to meet the needs of a diverse client and project universe. Our range of owner’s representative services is scalable to cover program support and pre-design assistance through design, construction, and closeout phases.

A dedicated advocate for owners and their investments.

We are engaged to act as an extension of an owner’s staff to protect interests; assemble all the required consultants, design firms, contractors, and vendors; and coordinate and communicate effectively to the team throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Whether working as a key advisory member of a project team, focusing on constructability issues and monitoring progress and quality, or taking a more active role as a construction project manager, Marx|Okubo tailors its efforts to support and augment the investor or project teams’ strengths and weaknesses. Our teams help align interests and facilitate collaboration, ultimately executing a well-constructed, quality project.

Scalable owner’s representation services:

From program and pre-design support through design, construction, and closeout.

  • Definition and refinement of project scope, budget, and management plan
  • Assisting owner in management and staff communication
  • Professional team scope/qualifications and selection
  • Design team management
  • Design, cost, and constructability reviews
  • Construction document peer review, oversight, and coordination
  • Bid process oversight and evaluation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Construction administration, observation, and reviews
  • Schedule and contract management; monthly reports
  • Pay application/project draw processing
  • Project closeout/punch list and warranty reviews

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