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Fires are all too common these days. Marx|Okubo helps clients plan and protect their properties and people from the trauma and fallout of fire-related incidents. Because fire/life safety issues affect entire building systems, our teams are astute at managing the coordination of many moving parts, using concepts from fire protection engineering and fire/life safety science to assure systems work together to provide safe, livable spaces.

Our engineers and building code experts are trained to work closely with architects, building owners, and developers to identify risks, set goals, and employ features designed to control or mitigate fires in both new and existing properties.

Helping you protect your properties and people before it’s too late.

We know the best chance of success comes when we’re involved early in the process when we can more clearly pinpoint compliance issues as well as design solutions that make sense for all parties and save money during both design and construction. From the start, Marx|Okubo teams can consult about codes and regulations with greater confidence, and help ensure your project stays on track throughout the process.

With building and fire codes around the country becoming increasingly complex, our teams must constantly study the local nuances of fire/life safety and apply this knowledge as appropriate to each project or property. This typically requires working directly with local agencies on approvals to save our clients’ precious resources. We can also consult as expert witnesses on fire/life loss cases involving insurance companies.

Key fire/life safety services:

  • Building and fire code consulting
  • Fire protection construction management
  • Third-party design review
  • Expert witness and loss consulting

Project Examples