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With deep qualifications to manage risk and optimize return on investment, our team has first-hand knowledge of the challenges unique to the retail sector, including limiting any impact of construction on customer visits/experience and revenue.

Our team applies comprehensive services to a range of retail properties, ranging from department stores and large entertainment venues to shopping destinations of all types (regional, strip, pedestrian, mega-malls).

Whether we are engaged in repair/reconstruction, exploring water intrusion issues/defects, assessing utility capacities, waterproofing below grade, or evaluating capital needs, we address risk along with the lifespan of a retail property. Our goal? Maintain the customer experience while serving our retail clients’ immediate operational demands.

Key retail properties services:

  • Land use planning and development
  • Condition assessment of parking structures and plazas
  • Accessibility/ADA compliance
  • ESG | Sustainability and resiliency studies
  • Seismic risk analysis
  • Fire/life safety review
  • Waterproofing including terraces and below-grade
  • Pavement, drainage, and roofing evaluation/repair
  • Vertical transportation modernization

Project Examples