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Our firm understands the value that creative and event spaces bring to cultural communities—and the built environment. We are driven by this growing sector of dynamic work we do for museums, galleries, performing arts centers, film studios, sports stadiums, and other interactive spaces representative of the arts, culture, and entertainment industries.

During each challenge, we continue to ask one key question: How can we help these meaningful cultural spaces thrive for generations to come? Assessing and solving for historic or public atmospheres that may house fragile collections or thousands of people often requires an integrated team with a diverse and detailed understanding of form and function. Marx|Okubo teams must regularly address nuances like climate requirements, visitor flow/experience, privacy requirements, stability, life/safety considerations, and immediate and long-term needs of aging buildings.

In the effort to help our arts, culture, and entertainment clients preserve and promote these vital, sensitive spaces, Marx|Okubo works holistically, bringing together teams who fuse critical technical expertise, including full-service systems review; evaluation, recommendations, and management of repairs during full operation; and development of short- and long-term capital plans and priorities.

Key arts, culture and entertainment property services:

  • Full-service property & facilities condition assessments
  • User flow recommendations for small to large-scale environments, such as stadiums
  • Building structure & envelope evaluations
  • Roofing, MEP, HVAC, fire protection, & alarm systems
  • Life/safety-related code compliance for risk mitigation
  • Accessibility reviews
  • ESG | Sustainability and resiliency reviews
  • Repair/reconstruction recommendations, planning, & management
  • Complete capital planning & project/budget management

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