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Marx|Okubo’s structural engineering group knows your real estate portfolio is a substantial investment, and growing its short- and long-term value means staying on top of the property’s physical condition to properly improve, maintain, and preserve it.

Marx|Okubo understands buildings and where they are vulnerable. We are realistic and sensitive to our clients’ economic and operational issues and how those play into the upgrade or repair equation.

Improving, maintaining, and preserving your valuable assets.

Marx|Okubo is multidisciplinary and takes a 360-degree approach. Our experienced/credentialed structural engineering group is already informed and trained to consider the bigger picture—the industry and all disciplines involved, local economies, and competition—to reduce your risk, maximize your investment and ensure nothing is missed. In the process, we are keenly aware and respectful of our industry’s demand for accountability—to adhere to budgets and schedules with attention to detail.

Our specialized in-house group is staffed with licensed structural and civil engineers who have expertise in all aspects of analysis and design. We can evaluate a building’s condition, diagnose causes of degradation or failure, conduct seismic assessments and develop strategies to renovate, repair or retrofit, as well as perform new construction services and resiliency studies.

Key structural engineering services:


  • Seismic evaluation
  • Seismic/wind risk assessment
  • Structural condition assessment
  • Seismic retrofit project review
  • Earthquake resiliency studies
  • USRC ratings


  • Structural repair/retrofit design
  • Seismic retrofit scheme development
  • Retrofit benefit-cost analysis
  • Structural preliminary project review
  • Structural value engineering review
  • Constructability studies
  • Peer review
  • Materials testing monitoring


  • Building failure
  • Construction defects
  • Foundation settlement
  • Structural damage
  • Material deterioration
  • Moisture intrusion

Project Examples