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In everyday life, we often take parking garages and structures for granted: They simply store our means of transportation on a temporary or long-term basis. But when a parking space that we count on for daily efficiency and vehicle protection becomes immediately dangerous or temporarily out of commission, the impact on professionals, residents, and guests can have significant implications on a property’s service, reputation, and legalities.

Marx|Okubo evaluates both standalone parking structures and those integrated into all types of properties from high-rise residential buildings to mixed-use spaces to large-scale shopping malls. Parking garages are dynamic, constantly moving spaces that require immediate attention to remain open or reopen in a timely manner for demanding customers who depend on safe places to park. Understanding these pressing contiguous issues, our teams are prepared to act fast in whatever capacity is required by the situation.

Whether we are coming in for a specific evaluation and recommendations related to a known failure on an existing structure, assessing an integrated new build for code and accessibility compliance, or performing project management on a repair-and-reopen process, we are exceptionally adept at handling this often overlooked component of modern life.

Key parking structure services:

  • Standalone or integrated property condition assessment
  • Pavement, drainage, and roofing evaluation
  • Phased construction repair or renovation
  • Vertical transportation modernization
  • Specialized accessibility/ADA compliance review
  • Sustainability, resiliency, and seismic studies
  • Owner’s representation
  • Project management

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