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Facility Condition Assessment Facility Condition Assessment

Marx|Okubo’s facility condition assessment (FCA) services give our institutional and government clients the insight they need to plan appropriately for capital reserves and asset management.

With the depth and experience you need for future facility planning and budgeting, Marx|Okubo provides visibility into the appropriate level of capital funding for each building in your portfolio. Knowing that conditions of a single facility or group of facilities vary in age, design, construction methods, and materials, we analyze systems and components in context.

Plan with precision.

Our professionals understand the nuances involved in assessing large and small real estate compilations and have extensive experience tailoring FCA reports to the specific needs of institutional clients, as well as local, state, and federal government entities.

A trusted advisor, Marx|Okubo also ensures that institutional and government clients prioritize facilities’ capital plans to match the organization’s mission and goals. Ultimately, the FCA data we deliver helps our clients make informed decisions to manage the repair, renewal, replacement, and compliance of their facilities while developing realistic capital budgets for current and future needs.

Key FCA services:

  • Site systems review
  • Architectural reviews: accessibility, condition, code, or design deficiencies
  • Structural reviews: condition of major building components
  • Engineering reviews: condition of electrical, mechanical, conveying, and fire and life safety systems
  • Remaining Service Life (RSL) evaluations
  • Facility Condition Index (FCI) evaluations
  • Maintenance and custodial effectiveness reviews, per APPA standards
  • Capital Asset Management Systems (CAMS) integration
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) integration

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