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Construction Loan Monitoring Construction Loan Monitoring

Every construction project requires careful controls to stay within budget and on schedule. With experience from thousands of construction projects, we at Marx|Okubo are versed in tracking, documenting, and reporting loan disbursements and project-team payments to keep construction as efficient and financially sound as possible.

Understanding that being on time and budget will make or break a project on several fronts, Marx|Okubo acts as an extension to lenders to ensure a project stays in control while lenders maintain strong relationships with borrowers.

Power to your project.

With national coverage, yet a local focus, we bring insight working with lenders, contractors, developers, and the rest of the project team, as well as know the nuances of different markets and their construction practices. When banks work with us, they can be confident that our experience and internal resources mean that if there’s a mistake, it won’t ripple across the country.

Known for not only digging deeper (and more accurately), our teams are relentless in getting to the root cause of issues. And as exhaustive investigators, all elements of our service are executed in the context of schedule and budget performance. We know it costs a lot to not finish the project, or when it drags on, it costs more money exposing lenders to risk. Our teams can fit into the structure of timing for activities while being conscious of communication channels and diligent about deadlines.

Key construction loan monitoring services:

  • Pre-construction plan review (PPR) feasibility reports
  • Construction progress observations
  • Monthly draw disbursement monitoring
  • Change order reviews
  • Scheduling/permitting/testing and inspection status
  • Workout services

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