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Accessibility Accessibility

Accurate understanding for property owners and design teams.

Marx|Okubo serves as an impartial reviewer of a project's accessibility compliance. While the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Federal Fair Housing Act (FFHA) are more than 25 years old, accessibility compliance remains a challenging prospect for many property owners. Even in new construction, overlapping requirements can bewilder owners, designers, architects and engineers.

Non-compliance items involve serious questions of cost and risk analysis. Property owners are best served
by an accurate understanding of which accessibility codes, standards and regulations truly apply to their
buildings and which portions of a property must be upgraded to meet current requirements.

Marx|Okubo can provide owners clarity about conformity with federal laws and, ultimately, a plan of action through an opinion of cost, timeline scenarios, and even drawings, project bidding and management.

Our range of accessibility services include:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act compliance reviews (Title III)
  • ADA Title II accessibility transition plans
  • Federal Fair Housing Act compliance reviews
  • Certified Access Specialist (CASp) - California-specific inspections
  • Accessibility plan review and plan check for design teams
  • Accessibility project management and owner's representation
  • Accessibility construction monitoring
  • Accessibility code/standards consulting
  • Construction documents for accessibility repairs
  • Litigation support and expert witness services