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Marx|Okubo works with investors, owners, tenants, and property managers during site selection, design, construction, operations, and event response activities to identify property risks, understand how to reduce risks and repair costs, and maximize the continuity of operations of a property. With our in-house resiliency specialists, we are committed to evaluating and improving the built environment’s response to climate-related natural disasters.

Through an understanding of climate risks and building science and operations, Marx|Okubo can help determine how a building will likely respond to potential hazard events. Our team works with a client to determine an acceptable level of physical and operational risk and provide recommendations on how the property or operations can be altered to meet property or portfolio-specific goals.

Dedicated to identifying and minimizing natural disaster risks, while maximizing continuity of operations.

Our in-house resiliency team is a dedicated group of professionals, including licensed architects and engineers, who specialize in identifying potential physical vulnerabilities and social vulnerabilities of the built environment, as caused by natural hazards. Physical hazards include earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, severe winter storms, and tornadoes.

We consult on all phases of a building’s lifecycle to anticipate or develop solutions for a variety of natural events. We are focused on how the design and construction, pre-event operations, and post-event response can reduce repair costs and maximize the continuity of operations of a property. Ultimately, as climate risk exposure levels can influence insurance costs, capital improvement costs, and overall integrity of buildings across a portfolio, clients are more frequently needing to perform a portfolio resiliency analysis to identify the properties that decrease the portfolio’s overall resiliency rating while maintaining the operational integrity of their buildings overall.

Key resiliency services:

New Construction:

  • Property resilience assessment: Site selection hazard screening, desktop-based vulnerability assessment of project documents, and mitigation strategy recommendation

Existing Buildings:

  • Property resilience assessment: Site hazard screening, observation-based vulnerability assessment, and mitigation strategy recommendation
  • Post-disaster assessment: Observation-based damage assessment, repair recommendation, and mitigation strategy recommendation
  • Business continuity planning: Potential operation disruption analysis and recommendations, planning consulting

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