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Resiliency Resiliency

Minimize Natural Disaster Risk. Maximize Continuity of Operations.

Through an understanding of climate risks and building science and operations, Marx|Okubo can help determine how a building will likely respond to potential hazard events. Our team works with investors, owners and property managers during site selection, design, construction, operations, and event response, to identify property risks, understand how to reduce risks and repair costs, and maximize the continuity of operations of a property.

Our in-house resiliency team is a dedicated group of professionals, including licensed architects and engineers, who specialize in identifying potential physical and social vulnerabilities of the built environment, as caused or exacerbated by natural hazards. Physical hazards include earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, severe winter storms and tornadoes. Social risks include labor market disruptions, building inaccessibility, or loss of life and liability.

During all phases of a building’s lifecycle, we are focused on how the design and construction, pre-event operations, and post-event response can reduce repair costs and maximize the continuity of operations of a property. Resiliency analyses identify properties which decrease a client’s portfolio’s overall resiliency rating while maintaining operational integrity.

Resiliency services can include:

  • Site selection and design-phase assessments
  • Existing building vulnerability assessments
  • Business continuity planning
  • Post-disaster safety assessments