Real estate owners, lenders and private equity groups: Your real estate portfolio is a substantial investment. Growing its short- and long-term value means staying on top of the property’s physical condition in order to properly improve, maintain and preserve it.

Marx|Okubo can help limit your exposure now, giving you greater confidence in your decisions for the future.

  • Gain critical access to and insight from our team of experienced architects and engineers.
  • Understand your building’s true vulnerabilities and the impact of universal code changes.
  • Secure the required technical peer reviews for newly updated standards.
  • Collaborate on realistic upgrade or repair solutions that take into account economic and operational issues.

Featured Projects

Key Structural Engineering Services:

  • Seismic evaluation
  • Seismic/wind risk assessment
  • Structural condition assessment
  • Seismic retrofit project review
  • Earthquake resiliency studies
  • USRC ratings
  • Structural repair/retrofit design
  • Seismic retrofit scheme development
  • Retrofit benefit-cost analysis
  • Structural preliminary project review
  • Structural value engineering review
  • Constructability studies
  • Peer review
  • Materials testing monitoring
  • Building failure
  • Construction defects
  • Foundation settlement
  • Structural damage
  • Material deterioration
  • Moisture intrusion