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Marx|Okubo Prides itself in Renovation

September 16th, 2014

Marx|Okubo prides itself on not only creation, but renovation. We have garnered a respectable reputation as a top firm for renovations country-wide. Most recently, Marx|Okubo has finished renovating the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, California, which received high praise from the likes of Conde Naste, who rated it as one of their top five best new design hotels in the world. From the Hilton Hotel in San Francisco to the City Place in Connecticut to the Harborview in Massachusetts, Marx|Okubo has obtained a wealth of experience in renovation projects.

Currently, Marx|Okubo is working on renovating the Pillsbury Factory in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Owned by Pillsbury back in the day, this building was the largest and most technologically advanced flour mill in the world. In 2003, the plant was shut down and abandoned. Now, it is being transformed into multi-million dollar condominiums. The project will include 251 units, communal spaces, a dance studio, and multiple gallery spaces.

These renovations are very exciting because they provide not only an opportunity to manifest designs into reality, but also provide the opportunity to reuse what society has already provided and convert it into something functional. Renovations are key to the sustainability of society not only in this country, but around the world, and Marx|Okubo is working towards creating a sustainable, exciting, and resourceful society.

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