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Hurricane help — recovery and rebuilding

Recognizing heightened needs, Marx|Okubo has assembled engineering and architectural teams from our professional staff that will be sent the Southeastern coast to assist clients in evaluating the status of assets. We understand first-hand how difficult a time this can be – please know we are here to give you accurate data and alleviate your concerns.

We know that once safety is certain, your next priority is accurately and quickly assessing the condition of your real estate in the affected areas. Whether or not we previously worked on your project, we are available to lend you and your teams support in assessing and confirming the condition of your building and reporting on mitigation measures, as well as providing repair recommendations and mapping out the priorities and steps to get properties back to full operation.

As always, we are here to assist and respond expeditiously to any property-related needs. So that we can accommodate your needs and timing, please feel free to contact Parrish Boren, Jim Marx or Gary Cohn as indicated below as soon as you are able. | 303.861.0300 | 303.861.0300 | 949.660.8908