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Matt Hoey, Assistant Vice President of Technology, to present at BoxWorks October 11

Oct 05, 2023

At BoxWorks, Box's annual conference on October 11 in San Francisco, Marx|Okubo will help present a showcase on how we have participated in the development of Box's new product, Hubs. Matt Hoey, Assistant Vice President of Technology, will be representing Marx|Okubo as a presenter at this event.

One of the most important aspects of developing innovative, new products like Box Hubs is customer feedback. That’s why we are excited that Matt Hoey will be presenting for Marx|Okubo at a productivity session. As a design partner, Matt and his team have been actively using and giving crucial feedback on Box Hubs, a new intelligent portals capability.

Box has proven to have a lot of value to Marx|Okubo and it has become integral to our work and organization. For one, being able to align on one product to share content as employees were using multiple cloud storage providers to solve their problem of needing to share a file that may exceed file-size limitations for the recipient.

Even more importantly, we needed to consolidate our siloed local servers across nine offices into one class-leading central platform that could be accessed from anywhere. This has also made sharing documents with clients and developers a much smoother experience. Box has allowed for faster access to information, as well as tailored content assembly that stays where our data lives.

Box continues to collaborate with Marx|Okubo as one of their leading innovative customers, to help bring a new Box product to market with successful reception.

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