Getting to—and solving—the root cause.

By persistently investigating the underlying causes of failure and researching materials and corrective construction methods, Marx|Okubo helps clients understand the causes and complex issues involved in repair and reconstruction.

  • We methodically evaluate the extent of the damage to get comprehensive data, do invasive testing, and plan and prepare accurate repair drawings.
  • Our integrated teams of experienced AEC professionals also produce documents and specifications for bid and consult on preventive fixes.
  • With higher standards for corrective drawings, we can reduce/eliminate any chance of problems manifesting further in any way.

Featured Projects

Key repair | reconstruction services include:

  • Detailed condition assessments
  • Investigative and destructive testing
  • Preparation of corrective drawings and specifications – monitoring of repair process during construction
  • Discussions with property maintenance and engineering staff
  • Research for viable and cost-effective solutions
  • Preparation of contracts and bid documents