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Repair | Reconstruction Services Repair | Reconstruction Services

Getting to—and solving—the root cause.

Whether it's the age of the building, poor maintenance or faulty construction, the reasons for failure are not always obvious. And, typically, neither is the solution.

Marx|Okubo helps clients understand the complex issues and domino effects involved in repair and reconstruction by investigating the underlying causes of failure and researching materials and corrective construction methods.

Our integrated teams also produce documents and specifications for bid and consult on preventive fixes such as accessibility upgrades, structural retrofits, waterproofing projects and other capital efforts.

Specific repair and reconstruction services include:

  • Detailed condition assessments
  • Investigative and destructive testing
  • Discussions with property maintenance and engineering staff
  • Research for viable and cost-effective solutions
  • Preparation of corrective drawings and specifications
  • Preparation of contracts and bid documents